Updated Range rules May 2019

To all OVGC Members, Visitors, and Guests.

Recent incidents have focused the OVGC Board's attention on the need to update certain Range Rules and Policies pertaining to camping on the OVGC premises, especially weekend camping and range use during scheduled (calendar) events, such as weekend shoot activities and scheduled (calendar) weekday practice activities. The following clarifications and policies -- voted-in by the OVGC Board at the May 22 Meeting -- are in force immediately, and will be posted on the INFO/FORMS page very soon. The formal Range Rules document will be updated soon.

1) Current/Existing Range Rules:

The full text of existing OVGC Range Rules is downloadable from the website at www.ovgc.org under INFO / FORMS AND PAPERWORK. A copy of the pertinent pages - with selected paragraphs highlighted - is attached. Please be aware that informal shooting is generally NOT PERMITTED AND NEVER HAS BEEN PERMITTED ON ANY PART OF THE ROSE VALLEY RANGE COMPLEX -- INCLUDING RANGES AND SHOOT AREAS THAT ARE NOT ACTUALLY IN USE during scheduled (calendar) weekend and/or scheduled (calendar) weekday practice shoots -- UNLESS EXPLICIT PERMISSION IS GRANTED BY THE SHOOT CHAIRS OF ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS GOING ON THAT DAY.

Because the current version of the Range Rules have not changed in many years, they did not specifically address the Junior Program -- which was off-premises until 2017, or regularly scheduled Trap and Skeet practices on Tuesdays and certain Fridays. Those practice events appear on the OVGC Calendar -- and SPECIFIC PERMISSION MUST BE ASKED of the Chair of those practices before any live fire can take place ANYWHERE ON THE OVGC RANGE COMPLEX. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THE INFORMAL/UNSCHEDULED SHOOTERS ARRIVE BEFORE THE SHOOT CHAIR OR BEFORE THE SCHEDULED EVENT STARTS. ONCE A SHOOT CHAIR ARRIVES, S/HE IS/ARE IN CHARGE. If permission is granted, shooters MUST follow any and all directions from the Shoot Chair regarding where to set up -- for example, which benches to use on the Covered Firing Line during any Tuesday or Friday Trap Practice. Shooters also MUST immediatly acknowledge and obey all Range Commands -- for example, "Cease Fire" called by the Shoot Chair -- for any reason, including the need to re-set targets, clay launchers, etc. for the scheduled (calendar) event. Members who are using the firing lines with permission of the Shoot Chair are NOT to call "Cease Fires" for their own convenience to reset their own targets. Of course, a "Cease Fire" should be called whenever needed for safety reasons. Shooters must coordinate their target changes and other activities according to the direction of the Shoot Chair. If any other event is on the calendar when you plan to go up to Rose Valley, you should consider bringing along a pair of 2-way radios or walkie-talkies.

2) Parking / Camping / Driving / Walking or Hiking / and Shooting

On the Black Powder-Cowboy Action-Junior Program and Archery Areas. These are located predominantly (but not entirely) to the East of Skeet #1 ---- with Archery extending all the way to the back/side gate. The areas also include all downrange impact areas, hillsides, the boneyard, pump- and generator house areas -- even if out of the direct line of sight (or obscured by vegetation, trees, or hills), and the entire area behind (to the South) these locations. All of these areas are off limits to Parking, Camping, Hiking, Shooting and any and all other activities from the Friday evening before the first Saturday of every month through the conclusion of the Junior Shoot -- and all day & night on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the first Sunday of every month until the conclusion of the monthly Archery Shoot. On most months, this will be from the first Thursday morning of the month through that Sunday, late morning. The reason for separating Saturdays & Sundays in the area closure statements is because the first Saturday and the first Sunday of a given month may fall on different weekends -- for example, in September and December 2019, when the first day of those months falls on a Sunday. The reason for including the Thursdays and Fridays before the first Sunday is that it takes a fews days of hard work to set up the Field Archery Course. 3-D Animal Archery Targets are costly, and we cannot afford to have them damaged by gunfire. 

A cable or chain barrier and "No Entry" signs will be posted soon across the road in the vicinity of Trap #2 -- for use on those particular days of the month. For your own safety, and for the safety of others, PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE OR WALK OR EVEN CONSIDER SHOOTING IN, NEAR, OR TOWARDS ANY OF THOSE AREAS WHEN THE SIGNS AND BARRIER(S) ARE DEPLOYED. If you plan to be on the range and wish to shoot during any of those days or times, please contact the Archery and/or Junior Shoot Chair(s) in advance for permission or with any other questions. 
Juniors: Gordon Gibson <oxnardtileman1@gmail.com> 

Archery: Gary Downard <ovgcarcher@gmail.com>

Campers are still free to use the other available sites -- for example, Trader's Row, and other areas not blocked off by the cable/chain barrier.

This reminder about already existing Range Rules, and the institution of restricted entry to the BP-Cowboy-Junior-Archery areas during certain days of the month is for the safety of all of us -- members, guests, visitors, and the occasional lost souls who wander onto the premises. Safety is everybody's responsibility. Be well, be safe, enjoy,