Precision Pistol

(formerly: NRA Bullseye & NRA Handgun)

NRA's National Match 25-Yard Reduced Course


Beginning in september, 1st sunday nra bullseye (precision) pistol will begin with setup at 7:00 am (voluntary); sign-up at 7:30 am; and 1st shot downrange at 8:00 am or as soon thereafter as possible. Please see the accompanying match program.

Rogier Willems & Robert Coffey will be getting things started with the new program.

Beginning in october -- after the september "test match" to try out new procedures -- all scores will be reported to the nra so that participants can receive an official classification card. The nra statistical reporting fee of $4.50 is included in the new $10 shoot fee for all participants. There will be an additional $10 guest fee for all non-members -- in line with club policies. Please forward this message to any non-members who you know that regularly attend this match. Non-members will be at liberty to use the range facilities for the rest of the day after the pistol (and national match) events conclude. Participants may fire as many or as few matches as they wish -- all for the same fee.

In accordance with nra rules, all scores will be reported -- regardless of whether the competitor fires with iron sights, red-dot sight, or a scope. Laser sights that project a beam onto the target are prohibited by the nra and for eye-safety reasons at ovgc. If a competitor's gun has laser sights, they must be turned off during this shoot. Also in accordance with nra rules -- participants may shoot 2-handed for classification purposes until they reach the "expert" level. Competitors must shoot 1-handed to achieve a master or high-master classification.

In order to move things along efficiently in coordination with national match, the sighters, slow-, timed, and rapid-fire stages will be fired in "blocks"-- as they do at some major tournaments -- instead of in sequence.

For example: the course of fire for each half of the september shoot will be run as follows:

  1. 5-minute sighter period

  2. Two back-to-back 10-minute slow fire strings

  3. Line break ... To score your neighbor's targets; record scores (draft attached); repair targets

  4. Two back-to-back timed fire strings

  5. Line break ... To score your neighbor's target; record scores (draft attached); repair targets

  6. Two back-to-back rapid fire strings

  7. Line break ... To score your neighbor's target; record scores (draft attached); repair targets

  8. Line breaks may be adjusted ..., depending on the progress of national match

If all 4 matches finish early enough in september (1200 point grand aggregate), we'll add 2 more matches -- making 3 matches (900 points) per half ... For an 1800 point grand aggregate in october. Fee will always be the same ($10).

As a preview, until the routine gets established, all participants will have their two target boards set up the same way as in the attached "bullseye setup". Once a full-face timed & rapid center is stapled to the target board, it stays there for the duration of the match -- and repairs are made using a repair center & pasters. We have all needed supplies.

Participant supplies & fees

Please bring a clip-board (small, half-size clip-board is perfect) and a pen or pencil. Also bring your nra number (membership card or magazine label). People who are not nra members will have a "competitor number" assigned by the association once scores are submitted. People who decline to report scores or who do not report their scores do not receive a match fee discount.

The NRA Rule Book is available for download

Bullseye Setup
OVGC PP Scorecard