Sespe Rendezvous 2019 takes place on October 16th - 20th

To all OVGC Members, Guests, and Sespe Rendezvous & Memorial Day Black Powder Weekend Participants:

We have been informed by our NRA-Affiliated Insurance Carrier that property damage and/or personal injuries arising from firing any cannons, mortars, or artillery (Hotchkiss Gun, for example) are not covered by our policy. The underwriters will reject claims, and will not pay anything related to accidents or mishaps associated with the use of such devices. The exclusion is "blanket" and general with respect to all such devices -- regardless of whether the piece is manufactured & marketed commercially, or home-made; and regardless of whether the piece uses Black Powder or Smokeless Powder; and regardless of whether it is muzzle-loaded or breech-fired.

These coverage exclusions apply to spectators or anybody else on- or off the premises -- not just the operator of the device. For example, injuries to someone out on the road off our property are also excluded, in addition to the operator being excluded.

Accordingly: Cannons, mortars, and/or artillery of any size, form or caliber (even table-top size) are no longer allowed on the OVGC Rose Valley Range Premises -- not even if stored in a truck, SUV, or trailer. Please observe this new requirement strictly -- and inform others who may not see the website notice or receive this email message directly.

This insurance non-coverage situation has ALWAYS been the case. Fortunately, we have not had to file a claim in the past. But if we had, it would have been denied. We have been unable to find any alternate insurance carrier willing to underwrite such insurance -- even for single-day events.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the event organizers (Sespe Rendezvous or Memorial Day Black Powder Weekend). The OVGC Officers and Board have no additional information beyond what appears here. Thanks for your cooperation."