Silhouette: Rimfire & Short Range

This shoot takes place every 3rd  Saturday of the month, except for October, when we yield our place to the Sespe Rendezvous. The shoot is a Club event only, meaning that your scores will not be sent to NRA or IHMSA.

We welcome and encourage new shooters; all events are open to the public.

We also shoot Rimfire Rifle and Rimfire Pistol (.22LR, .22Mag, and .17HMR). 

Full-Size targets for rifle and handgun:

  • Chickens-50meters

  • Pigs-100meters

  • Turkeys-150meters

  • Rams-200meters

Hunter Pistol Targets for rimfire rifles and pistols & Hunter pistols*:

  • Chickens- 35 meters

  • Pigs-50meters

  • Turkeys-75meters

  • Rams-100meters

*Any straight-wall pistol caliber cartridge

The course of fire for.22LR (Rifle orHandgun):

  • Chickens-35yards

  • Pigs-50yards

  • Turkeys-75yards

  • Rams-100yards

We will be using a shotgun start (i.e., you may begin with Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys, or Rams), the following rules must be observed by all shooters: If you start with Pigs, you will then shoot Turkeys, and so on. (If you start with Rams, your next animal is Chickens.) You may only begin your Stage One with the Rangemaster's Stage One. You may only move firearms while the line is hot. Time will be provided for you to change stations. 

For each bank of five animals, the commands are:

  1. "Target setters are in." - No one is allowed forward of the firing line after this command is given

  2. "Shooters to the line for Stage [1 or 2]*." - You may handle firearms as soon as this command is given

  3. "For 30 seconds, Load" - Woe betide the person who puts a round into the firearm before this command is given

  4. "For 2 minutes ... Fire.

  5. "Cease fire" - Means exactly that: remove finger from trigger, and await further commands

  6. "Target setters out." - Congratulations! You knocked them down, now you get to go set them up

  7. Shooters reset their own targets after each round of five shots.

Early shots are counted as misses  and will cost you a buck per shot*

*The dollar is paid to the Range-master, and turned in to the Treasurer as a donation to the Club

Eye & Ear protection is mandatory